Under Armour Men's F7 Novelty

Best Under Armour Football Gloves – Unmatched Comfort & Control

If you’re a foot player, you know the importance of the right pair of gloves for winning and losing on the field. Under Armour is one of the leading brands that manufacture gloves with unmatched comfort and control while you play. Here are the 6 best under-armor football gloves for your next game.

Best Under Armour Football Gloves 

Under Armour Men’s F7 Novelty – Best for Men

Under Armour Men's F7 Novelty

Under Armour is a leading brand that manufactures the Best football gloves keeping in view both style and function with the latest grab-tack technology. With advanced grip, superior ventilation, and a sleek design sure to turn heads, these will give you the confidence and edge you need to dominate every play.

They are made from thick, durable material and give a soft feel; these gloves will provide you with protection and traction on the field. They have 3D designs with vibrant colors that stand out from the player in the crowd. In addition, GLue grip technology offers a textured palm and maintains the grip’s tackiness, allowing the ball better control and catchability.

The Moisture Wicking System ensures that your hands stay dry and comfortable all game long, while the Heat Gear Technology helps to keep you cool and comfortable even when the action heats up.


  • Latest Armour grab technology for superior grip 
  • Heat Gear technology away the sweat
  • Combination of Polyester and other material 
  • Eye-catching design that stands out on the field 


  • Excellent grip and control 
  • Easier to hold the ball 
  • Moisture-wicking keeps your hands dry. Cool 
  • Novelty adds a fun element 


  • Lack of sufficient padding 

Under Armour Pee Wee F8  – Best For Kids 

Under Armour Pee Wee F8

Under Armour F8 football gloves are manufactured for kids who want to improve their grip and control over the ball. This innovative technology revolutionizes youth football with game-changing technology that enhances grip, protection, and overall performance.

The gloves also have a turf gear texture grip on the palms for better ball control. Additionally, the gloves have an elastic band at the wrist for a snug fit and stability on the field. The construction of these gloves is solid and comfortable for your young one. The fingers loop provides extra strength and grip on the ball.

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Under Armour, Wee F8 has constructed these gloves with Dri-fit technology to wick away moisture, keep the hand relaxed, and regulate the body temperature during the game. The UA Gluegrip makes the gloves grip tackier. These gloves feature a lightweight, breathable, and comfortable design, even during extended practices or games.


  • One-piece Seamless Palm design for easy use
  • Specially manufactured for youth 
  • Dri-fit technology keeps the hands dry
  • UA Gluegrip ensures the tackiness of the grip


  • Machine washable 
  • Breathable and comfortable for kids 
  • Heat gear fabric keeps your hands cool 
  • Pre-curved fingers provide a natural grip 
  • Durable construction 


  • It can be a bit tight for some larger hands 

Under Armour Men’s Spotlight Ultra GG – Best for Spotlight

Under Armour Men's Spotlight Ultra GG Best Under Armour Football Gloves

Under Armour Men’s Spotlight have synthetic leather construction with a micro -a fiber surface that makes them durable and gives the maximum breathability. They are unique because of their eye-catching designs and incredible features. The extra essential padding in crucial areas, including the palm and fingers, ensures protection and control over a ball.

In addition, the cut-fit technology supports the natural movement of hands. These gloves are designed with top-of-the-line material and innovative technology, giving newbies players the support they need to become a legend on the field.

They have an unbeatable grip that easily lets you catch even the most challenging throws. Plus, they are lightweight and easy to wear to stay focused on the game.


  • Innovative Ventilation System 
  • The hook Closure system provides a snug and customizable fitting 
  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane plate for flexibility and water resistance 
  • UA Ulta Gluegrip for stickiness 
  • Lightweight Adjustable Construction 


  • Increased the level of protection 
  • Textured grip ensures the hold on ball 
  • Extra boost on the field 
  • Reduce hand fatigue 
  • Durable Stitching 
  • Reinforced wrist area 


  • Not available in small or medium size 

Under Armour Men’s Blur Gloves – Best Overall

Under Armour Men's Blur Gloves - Best Under Armour Football Gloves

Under Armour football gloves for men is an excellent choice for all types of weather. These gloves feature soft, durable, synthetic leather and breathable mesh backing. The gloves with grip pads provide extra stability when catching or handling the ball.

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They are made with a unique combination of materials that help to protect your hands in any weather. The gloves also have an integrated thermal protection system that helps to keep your hands warm and dry.

The armor blur gloves have a unique construction. The layers of the gloves allow them to conform to your hand, giving you a smoother feel when you’re using your hand. The thin layer also allows air ventilation and shock absorption, protecting you from injuries.

Under Armour Men Blur Gloves are designed to provide a comfortable and durable grip while performing your challenging catches. The gloves use a stretch fabric that moves with your hand and provides a snug fit. This ensures that the gloves stay in place and don’t move around, which can lead to discomfort or even injury.


  • 3D Silicon Print on the palm 
  • Textured Turf gear to provide visibility and durability.
  • Adjustable cuff makes it more suitable for customization 
  • Unique Multiple Layers 
  • Stretched Fabric for ventilation 


  • Keep your hands dry
  • Good grip for challenging catches 
  • Easy to maintain the grip 
  • Protect without the restriction of hand movement 
  • Lightweight and easy to wear


  • Touchscreen cometiability could be more effective.
  • It may be suitable for something other than larger hands.

Under Armour New F4 Mens – Best For Receivers

Under Armour New F4 Mens

Under Armour football gloves for men is an excellent choice for all Receivers. These gloves made of soft, durable, breathable mesh backing and synthetic leather. They provide extra grip pads and stability when catching or handling the ball on the field. These gloves offer top-notch performance, but their eye-catching design is sure to turn to head up.

With an eye-striking, vibrant color, these gloves will help you quickly stand out on the field. The gloves are constructed with durable materials that protect your hands while playing football. Additionally, they have a comfortable fit that will make playing easier.

The gloves also have a synthetic leather palm for durability and flexibility. The back of the hand features an L-shaped cut for extra flexibility and breathability. Plus, the fingers provide enhanced control when making quick decisions on the field. The gloves generate more power accuracy while throwing or catching the ball.


  • 3-Ply Liner for air ventilation
  • Unique and attractive Vibrant colors and design 
  • Breathable mesh backing 
  • Deep pattern for adding stability 

Under Armour Men’s F8 Football Gloves – Best for Adults

Under Armour Men's F8 Football Gloves

Under ‘armor Mens F8 is designed for adults that do not provide a grip. Its latest flex technology also allows 4-way flex padding to ensure the protection and maximum movement of hands without any restrictions during the game.

Whereas Armour mesh ensures the gloves are lightweight, durable, and air ventilation to keep your hand dry for excellent performance. The gloves also have an under-armor moisture transport system quickly wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you feeling dry and hydrated.

The gloves’ exterior is water-resistant so that you can freely play even in the rain. These gloves feature extra removable straps so that you can customize them according to your need. The Armour Grab tack palm provides support in all types of weather, while the durable construction stands for the most challenging catches. The innovative construction makes these gloves perfect for any level of player.


  • Custom Fit Closure for stability 
  • Signature Armour Grab tack provides support and grip 
  • Water-resistant exterior 
  • Meet the SIFA standards 
  • UA Gluegrip enhanced the grip in all weather


  • Hand Flexibility 
  • Adjustable fit to your hands 
  • Ensuring the maximum comfort 
  • High-quality material that stands against wear and tear 
  • Suitable for use even in High schools 


  • Some users find the index finger bit and thumb have fitting issues.


Which brand of football gloves is the stickiest?

The Nike Vapor and Under Armour brand of football gloves is the stickest.

What are the best football gloves to get?

The best football gloves to get is based on your personal needs, either you want grip tack or power catch technology.

What gloves did Dan Marino wear?

Dan Marino wore Wilson Double |Threat gloves during his entire career in the NFL.

What Do We Recommend?

Regarding football gloves, under Armour cover a wide range of variety. The company has developed a glove that features unmatch catch and control. These gloves are made of durable, breathable, and lightweight material, .so what you are waiting for, go and grab the one that suits your needs.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, the Under Armour Men’s Blur Football Gloves will elevate your performance and help lead your team to victory.

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