How to Make Football Gloves Sticky? – 8 Tested Methods


Football gloves are one of the important aspects of the game that determines the winning position of any team. However, excessive use of gloves for a more extended period of time can reduce stickiness. However, there are several ways, from home items to high-end products, available in the market for making football gloves sticky again. Indeed, you need a proper guide to restore it without damaging the glove’s inner and outer side and league rule. Here we explore the complete guide on how to make football gloves sticky again.

Importance of Sticky Gloves 

Sticky football gloves play a significant role because they help the players control the ball during intense field games. A good grip supports being caught, especially in harsh weather conditions. Many researchers believe gloves that are not sticky can cause the ball to drop from the player’s hands, which can lead to a mismatch.

Here we share tips and tricks on making football gloves sticky after a wash or excessive use.

How Do Football Gloves Work?

Football gloves provide precision and control to any receiver or runner position. They are designed considering the importance of seamless palm stitching and padding on fingers to hold the ball in any weather condition.

Factors Affect Grip

The stickiness of football gloves is affected by various factors and reduces the tackiness that creates a hassle in the field. Here we discuss some common factors.

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Inappropriate Storage 

To increase the lifespan of glove stickiness, it’s essential, before storage, to dry them thoroughly and store them in a place where there is no direct source of sunlight or high temperature that makes your gloves brittle and reduces their flexibility.

Accumulation of Dirt 

Dirt and Debris accumulate on the surface of the gloves, and you will lose control of the ball when you need it most. Avoid touching the rough and dirt surface. As dust particles stuff in them

Weather Condition 

Different weather conditions High temperatures may affect the gloves, so don’t place your gloves under direct sunlight or rain. For example, if we just put the gloves on for 10 -15 minutes, the gloves are completely dry and increase the tackiness, but if we place them more, more dryness means breakage on the surface of the gloves and reduces the stickiness.

How to make football gloves sticky and enhance the Grip?

To enhance the Grip and stickiness of your gloves, follow the following tips.

Using Gloves Grip Spray

The Gloves Glues is a polymer gel applied uniquely to keep your grips tacky. Grip gels and spray boost the performance and enable players to play well on the field. These can help the footballers to lead more control and successful catches.

How to apply a grip spray or gel?

Clean the glove grip with a soft cloth. After that, apply a few drops of gel or spray. Leave for 10-15 minutes, and your gloves grip is ready to use. Usually, the instruction is given on the label on how to make football gloves sticky again by using the grip booster.

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Excessive use of grip enhancers may create a barrier to your performance on the field.

Pumic Treatment

Here we rub the pumice on the gloves’ surface, creating more tackiness. These can be natural and synthetic agents to enhance the glove’s Grip.


With the help of any sanitizer, you can quickly increase the tackiness of gloves. Put a few drops of sanitizer, preferably gel, and clean the grip surface. Leave it for 4-5 minutes and dry it automatically after this procedure, your gloves again become tacky.


These polymers are derived from natural sources like animals and plants. Chitosan is used to restore the glove grips’ stickiness. In addition, chitosan is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, a secure alternative to any chemical substance.

Soft Wipes

One of the easiest methods to boost your GripGrip and increase its stickiness is cleaning the gloves with baby wipes, as it has no harsh chemicals. They are soft and have moisture which can help to clean the dirt and debris easily.

You can easily carry them even in the field; baby wipes are the most convenient option for any player. Moreover, when you clean the gloves, allowing them to air-dry is preferable to avoid any moisture affecting your glove’s stickiness.

Talcum Powder 

Apply any powder on the surface of the Grip that absorbs the moisture and then rub it, which will turn the better sticky protection.


Another way to make your gloves sticky is by rubbing alcohol. Pour some rubbing alcohol into a bowl and dip your gloves into it. Let them soak for a few minutes, then dry them with a towel. This will help to increase the stickiness of your gloves.

Natural Method

Beeswax is a perfect choice if you are looking for a natural method. Rub the beeswax into your palms and then put it on your gloves. The beeswax will help to create a barrier between your skin and the ball, making it easier for you to grip it.

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Tips & Tricks For Maintaining the Grip

  • First, make sure that your gloves are clean and tidy. If they are wet or muddy, they will not provide a good grip.
  • Always use the high-quality grip booster or alternate so that it won’t ruin the tackiness.
  • Avoid Sweating, also called football gloves juice, as it is challenging for the player to hold the ball.
  • Wash them carefully according to the manufacturer’s instructions, whether machine wash is allowed.
  • Never Store your gloves in a humid place or where direct sunlight contacts them.

Cleaning and maintaining your football gloves is essential to caring for your equipment. Following these simple tips, you can keep your gloves in top condition so they’re always ready for game day.

What makes football gloves grippy?

Does hand sanitizer make gloves sticky?

Yes! Hand sanitizer not only cleans the gloves instantly but also increases the tackiness of gloves.

Is that stickum illegal for football gloves grips?

Stickum is not legal and safe to use in the football gloves grip.

So, taking care of your football gloves is necessary to ensure you maintain optimal Grip on the ball. With these expert tips, you can ensure that your football gloves are ready for any situation and will help you take control of the game. 

From cleaning them properly after every use to utilizing various stick-enhancing powders or sprays.Now that you know how to make football gloves sticky, you can efficiently perform well on the field.

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