How to Wash Football Gloves No More Smelly Gloves

How to Wash Football Gloves? No More Smelly Gloves

How to Wash Football Gloves No More Smelly Gloves

Football players mainly use football gloves to save their hands from any injury or mishap during the game. These gloves are made of different materials like synthetic leather and neoprene and feature various types of padding to protect your fingers. 

They are commonly used in all kinds of positions in the field, such as receiver, defender, etc. Here it’s clear that gloves significantly impact the game, so how to wash football gloves is one of the essential tasks.

Why to Wash Football Gloves?

Before we dig into how to wash a football glove; you must know the 3 common reasons for which you should consider washing your gloves. 

Dirt: If the player often wears the gloves without cleaning their hands or wet hand, gloves become unhygienic, and easily any bacteria transfer it. Moreover, it becomes the reason for lousy odor and short span of gloves life. Some players may experience hand irritation or allergy.

Material: One of the most important causes is the material of the gloves which matters a lot. If the gloves are not high-quality, they soon become contaminated.

Sweat: Sweat can cause the breakage of gloves because sweat is an acidic medium in nature and gradually brittle the inner side of it.

Washing Method Based on Material Type

When it comes to washing football gloves, the washing techniques mainly depend on the material of the gloves. Here we discuss a few materials and their washing techniques.

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The hybrid material is a combo of both leather and synthetic material. Every manufacturer adds on the label how to wash football gloves, so following that method helps to clean them easily.

In addition, the safest method to wash the hybrid gloves is to use any mild liquid with water and wash it by hand.

Synthetic Material

Synthetic material includes neoprene, polyester, and nylon. All these types of material easily wash in the washing machine with little we can also dry it. Make sure you don’t use any harsh or irritating chemicals that negatively impact after drying and become a reason for irritation. These gloves can easily wash in the machine.

Leather Gloves

Leather Gloves are famous for footballers but require extra care and maintenance. Please don’t wash the leather with hot water or in the washing machine. It may damage the grip and inner softness of the gloves. It’s always preferable to wash the gloves by hand at standard temperature and with mild liquid that enhances the outlook of the glove.

How to Wash Football Gloves in the Washing Machine?

Washing gloves on the washing machine is an easygoing task for anyone. Whether it’s a professional player or any new player. With proper precautions and measures, we can avoid any damage to the grip on the inner structure of the gloves. Here we have a guide on how to wash football gloves in the machine.

  • Check the instructions on the label. If there is anything particular written on it, you must follow that, like if your gloves have a stain on them. 
  • You use some professional stain remover or any mild liquid on the stain and rub it before putting them on the washing machine.
  • After that, change the side of the gloves so that it can protect the outlook of the gloves. 
  • Don’t After washing, remove the gloves from the laundry bag and reshape them before laying them flat to air dry. 
  • Avoid using a high-temperature dryer, which can damage the gloves and reduce grip. Put the gloves directly in the machine, and use any pillow cover to protect them.
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Tips for air-drying and machine-drying gloves

Generally, most footballers prefer air-drying because it is a natural procedure. Just after washing gently squeeze the gloves and hang them on the place where the airflow crosses. Avoid hanging the gloves in front of direct sunlight because it may be the reason for decolourizing or fading.

Whereas machine drying needs a little bit more care, you must check the label of your gloves with any specific instructions regarding temperature or hand washing. It’s better before putting the gloves into a machine, we change the side of it. When the dryer circle is complete, quickly stop the machine. No Need to dry it twice. After putting it out, the air dryer option is better for gloves.

The Impact of Dirty Gloves on Grip and Comfort 

The grip is one of the essential factors for the career growth of any football player in any position on the field. Everyone has to handle the ball frequently, whether it’s a receiver, defender, or runner. So they must rely on the secure grip fit and airflow.

Dirty gloves have a negative impact on the game as well as on the player. Grip plays an essential role in maximizing your performance in the field. Due to dirt, gloves start losing the grips, ultimately making it difficult to handle the ball with control and accuracy.

Moreover, the risk increase of dropping objects increases, particularly in wet conditions. Depending on the glove’s design, how it impacts the grip and is unfit for your hand security.

Dirt and sweat accumulate on the gloves, reducing their stickiness and making it challenging for players to control the ball. For this reason, cleaning your gloves and maintaining them for a longer life span is essential.

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Tips for Preventing Dirt and Stains 

  • Prevention from specks of dirt and stains increases the durability and grip of the gloves. Here we have a few tips regarding it.
  • Choose the suitable material for your gloves according to your need and preference. It helps to resist the wear and tear of gloves.
  • Properly clean your hand before wearing the gloves to avoid any lousy odor or irritation due to moisture.
  • Don’t touch the dirty surface as the specks of dirt accumulate on the gloves. This will help you to prevent dirt and stain from building up on both sides of gloves.
  • Clean the gloves regularly after each use. It helps to maintain their shape and longer life.


How do you make football gloves sticky after washing?

After washing patiently wait for thorough drying of the glove also you can use any stick grip spray available in the market. To keep the stickiness up to the mark don’t use any harsh chemicals while washing.

Are football gloves washable?

Yes, almost all football gloves are washable by hand or washing machine.

Does Vaseline Help goalkeeper gloves sticky?

Vaseline is a sticky substance that’s not recommended to the goalkeeper in and out of the field.

Are Adidas GK gloves good?

Yes, adidas gloves are an excellent choice for goalkeepers of all skill levels. Whether it’s a beginner or Pro level everyone believes in durability, technology, and style.

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