Highest Scoring NFL Game In History

Explore The Highest Scoring NFL Game In History

Highest Scoring NFL Game In History

The National Football League (NFL) has seen some incredible high-scoring games since its inception in 1920. One particular game stands out: the Highest Scoring NFL Game in History, between the Washington Redskins and the New York Giants on November 27th, 1966.


Going into this game, both teams were confident they could come out on top. The Redskins were undefeated then, while the Giants had lost only one game before this matchup. As such, both teams fielded their best players for what would become an incredible showdown.

Importance of high-scoring games in NFL history

High-scoring games such as this one have become hallmarks of the NFL. It’s a reminder that football games aren’t always won through defense, but sometimes offense can be even more vital. These high-scoring matchups also provide some of the most memorable moments in NFL history, as thrilling comebacks and spectacular plays are often seen in these contests.

The Game

The game started with the Giants taking an early lead and extending it to 20-3 before halftime. However, the Redskins quickly came back in the second half and managed to take a 27-23 lead late in the fourth quarter. The Giants then put together a drive of their own and tied up the game at 27 apiece. In overtime, both teams failed to score, but the Redskins were finally able to come out on top with a 30-27 win.

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Pre-game expectations and predictions

Before the game, most people expected a low-scoring contest with the Redskins coming out on top. However, this was anything but a defensive battle, as both teams combined for 57 total points in an epic shootout. This game remains one of NFL history’s most exciting and memorable matchups.

Players Involved and Their Statistics

The National Football League’s (NFL) highest-scoring game occurred on November 27th, 1966, between the New York Giants and the Washington Redskins. The final score was 72-41 in favor of the Giants. Here is a look at the players involved in this record-setting game and their statistics:

Giants wide receiver Homer Jones caught four passes for 241 yards and two touchdowns. This was a career-high for Jones, who would be named to the Pro Bowl in 1967.

Redskins quarterback Sonny Jurgensen completed 33 of 54 passes for 543 yards, six touchdowns, and three interceptions. Jurgensen’s performance set a then-record for most passing yards in a game, which has since been broken.

Redskins wide receiver Charley Taylor caught 12 passes for 209 yards and two touchdowns. This was also a career-high for Taylor, who would be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1984.

This was a historic game for both teams as well as the NFL as a whole. While the individual player statistics are impressive, it is safe to say that this game will always be remembered by those who witnessed it firsthand.

Most points were scored in an NFL quarter by one team.The Redskins set another record during this game as they scored 24 points in the third quarter – the most ever by a single team in one-quarter of NFL play. Quarterback Sonny Jorgensen’s stellar performance fueled this impressive feat, throwing three touchdowns and running for two more. 

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What is the highest score in the NFL game?

The highest score in any NFL game is held by the Washington Redskins, who scored a whopping 72 points against the New York Giants in 1966. This record has stood for over 50 years and remains one of the most impressive achievements in football history.

Has an NFL team ever scored 100 points?

No, no team has ever scored 100 points in an NFL game. The highest score recorded was 72 by the Washington Redskins in 1966. However, the Chicago Bears came close to this record when they amassed 99 points over three games from December 5-20, 1943.

What’s the lowest-scoring NFL game ever?

The lowest-scoring NFL game was a scoreless tie between the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles in 1943. This one-of-a-kind match was due to deplorable weather conditions that made it difficult for either team to find an offensive rhythm. Despite this, the game is still considered one of the most exciting NFL games in history due to its unexpected ending.

What is the most common score in NFL games?

The most common score in NFL games is 24-14. This score has been recorded more than any other since the 1940s, and it’s usually seen as a sign of an evenly fought game between two teams with solid defenses.

Final Thought

The Highest Scoring NFL Game in History was an unforgettable moment for players and fans. This incredible match showcased the best of football, with both teams playing their absolute best to try and secure a win. 

It continues to be remembered fondly by those who were lucky enough to attend it or watch it on television at home. Even today, there are still many people talking about this historic event and how much of an impact its outcome had on the sport itself.

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